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Hello! I'm Katie

Your favorite photographer, designer, and everything in between

Let's make some waves.

Hi there! I'm Katie Neason,
a Charleston native with a deep passion for storytelling.


Whether it’s through photography, brand design, or even a silly meme, I believe there's always a story waiting to be shared—and I love finding creative ways to tell it.


My creative journey began the day I picked up a camera. My childhood consisted of writing scripts in crayon, roping in friends and families to be actors, and spending countless hours on iMovie editing my horrible short films. 


Then along came Instagram, and my pre-teen brain exploded. I became obsessed with studying algorithms, trends, and what separated the influencers from the influenced. I quickly learned that the most important thing in this world was attention: how to grab it, sustain it, and grow it. 


I jumped into the world of social media content creation before I even got my driver's license. Throughout my stint at The University of South Carolina, where I earned my degree in Media Arts and Public Relations, I was constantly juggling a myriad of creative side gigs. Through all the chaos and late-night edits, one thing remained crystal clear—I love this wild world of creative storytelling. Let’s face it, if you’re not having fun along the way, what’s the point? 


With over a decade of experience in the field, I'm on the lookout for my next adventure. 

Do you have a story just waiting to be told? Look no further, I’m your girl.

Let's team up and make some magic happen. 

What Clients Say

“Katie did an excellent job redeveloping our website and improving our visibility online, we have grown significantly over three years and credit her work for supporting that growth” - Charleston Custom Closets
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